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Electrical Circuit Balancing

"Your Safety...Our Standard."

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electrical circuit balancing
Safety Tips:
  • If  a fuse blows or trips frequently, have a qualified electrician determine what the problem is and fix it.
  • Have a yearly electrical service inspection.
  • Never run appliance cords or extension cords under carpet. They are designed to be kept cool by air movement from air around the cord.
  • If any outlet of switch wall plate feels hot to touch, have a qualified electrician determine the problem and fix it.

   Electricity has enriched our lives in many ways. Yet, despite the many benefits, electricity can also bring dangers- the most common being fires. Thousands of fires are caused by overloading electrical circuits. Overloaded circuits can be lethal and it is important to get them properly balanced and safe. Allsafe Electric provides you the assurance that your electrical has been properly inspected and repaired. We offer a variety of electrical services to fulfill all your electrical needs, one of which includes circuit balancing and safety inspections.
Electrical Services:
Panel Upgrades

Safety Inspections

Circuit Balancing

New Circuit Installations
electric service panel inspections, safety inspections electric 
   As a business owner, be aware of your electrical system. Look and listen for problems. If you hear buzzing or crackling coming from outlets or light switches, don't ignore it. If appliance or extension cords are hot to touch, you have potential problems. Contact a qualified electrical professional to assess the problem and make necessary repairs.

  • Circuit Balancing
  • New Appliance Circuits
  • Lighting Maintenance Plans
  • Interior Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Security Lightng





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