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  -Appliance Circuits-



   Their is a choice of two basic methods in wiring ovens and cooking units. The simplest way, is to provide one circuit for the oven and another for the cooking unit. An alternate way is to provide on 50-amp circuit to supply both appliances. Whatever your preference we will provide you with the most practical, reliable and cost effective service for all you wiring needs.
           Kitchen Appliance Circuit Repair
Special Electric Applications:

 Swimming Pools

Spas and Jucuzzi circuits
Hydromassage Bathtubs
Smoke Detectors.

Clothes Dryers

   Dryers are basically 240-volt appliances, although most have 120-volt motors in them. Their frames must be grounded. The National Electrical Code generally requires them to be located to a specific, individual circuit. Allsafe Electric has experience in this area and can help you with all your Dryer Appliance Circuit Needs.
Other Appliance Branch Circuits:
Microwaves and Convectional Ovens.


Garbage Disposals

Air Conditioners
Automatic Clothes Washers
Water Heaters
Installation of a water heater involves adding a separately derived branch circuit. A 2-pole 30amp separately derived branch circuit is recommended. We know your needs and can provide adequate electrical power.
Room Air Conditioners
An air conditioner is considered a room air conditioner if it is installed in the room it cools, if it is single phase and if it operates at not over 250 volts.This can be installed on another circuit or a separately derived branch circuit. Now, if the unit has a three-phase motor or operates at more than 250 volts, it is not a room air conditioner. It needs to be installed on a circuit of its own. Whatever your need we will provide reliable electrical giving you peace of mind.

Air Conditioner Installation, Evaporative Cooler Installation and Repair Appliance Circuits Dishwasher Heating and Air Installation Repair Electric

Benefits of Separately Derived Branch Circuits

+Lower Voltage Drop
+ The less likelihood of breakers tripping or fuses blowing due to circuit overload
+ Greater efficiency of appliances and more flexibility
+ More branch circuits make it easier to arrange overlapping coverage, so if a fuse or breaker does open, the entire area does not go dark.
+Unneeded strain is not placed on wires, breakers and other equipment.
+ Safer electrical  provides genuine peace of mind.



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